Convocation Week


The week prior to the start of every Fall and Spring semester is devoted to professional development at Palo Alto College. A Schedule of required as well as optional professional development opportunities help to optimize faculty and staff learning.


Convocation Fall 2013


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Employee Development Day

Beginning with the 09/10 Academic Year, Palo Alto College and all the Alamo Colleges dedicated a day each Fall semester to employee development. Classes are not held that day. All full-time employees are required to attend. This conference style event seeks to provide rich learning opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators at Palo Alto College.


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Summer Seminars

Palo Alto College announces "Summer Seminars" training opportunities for faculty and staff each Spring semester so that faculty, in particular, can plan to attend.


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PAC Faculty Retreat

The first PAC Faculty Retreat was held August 14, 2010. This event is open to all Palo Alto College faculty with a particular focus on the professional development needs of adjunct faculty. This event will occur the Saturday before Convocation Week each Fall semester.


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Brown Bags

Spring semesters professional development events are offered at lunch time every month for staff and faculty. These events are called "Brown Bags".


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