Mission and Values

Palo Alto College is a learning institution and deeply embedded in the culture of the college is the encouragement and support of learning for improvement for all its employees. The Alamo College's Mission Statement, "Empowering our diverse communities for success" succinctly conveys this point and this message is echoed in Palo Alto College's Mission Statement, "Palo Alto College provides exemplary, accessible education and training to a diverse and aspiring community." Likewise the Alamo Colleges Core Values of Communication in an "information sharing, collaborative" environment, of Community in a "joyful culture of learning," of Academic Freedom in a climate of "creativity, growth, and transformation through vigorous inquiry and a free exchange of ideas for all," and of Accountability in an environment that "strives for continuous learning and improvement" all underscore a culture that esteems professional development for its employees. In turn, Palo Alto College's Core Values of Quality Instruction, Student Success, Commitment to Community, and Appreciation of Diversity also convey the priority of professional development for faculty and staff at the college.