Boldtville, Texas

Rufus Blandford; wife Lillian Burkhardt Blandford; & son Lloyd

Rufus Blandford and mom, Mary Blandford

Lillian Moore

Spring, 2006
U.S. History 1302
R. Hines, Instructor








Avery, Jr., Ed. Letter to the author. 10 April 2006.
I had sent Ed a list of questions regarding his parents and their store. He wrote three pages in response.

Barnhill, Virginia Cover. Letter to the author. 29 March 2006.
I had requested an interview with Mrs. Barnhill and she came prepared with the history of the Boldtville School written in her own words.

Barnhill, Virginia Cover. Personal interview. 29 March 2006.
Mrs. Barnhill is a treasure to the Boldtville community and has phenomenal recall of past events. She should be cloned and preserved for all time.

"Boldtville Community"
The author of this letter and its date are unknown, but it was possibly written by Rev. B.D.D. Greer to the Presbytery of West Texas. It describes the community and its need for a local church. Document was found in the archives at the Boldtville Presbyterian Church.

East Central Schools Museum. Memories of Boldtville School. San Antonio: East Central Independent School District, 1994.
This booklet has short stories and other memories of the former students and teachers of the Boldtville School. It was prepared for the Diamond Anniversary reunion celebration of the school.

East Central Schools Museum. Official Opening Souvenir Program. San Antonio: East Central Independent School District, 1986.
This booklet has information about every rural school represented in the museum. It also has a map of the locations of the rural schools. It was prepared for the official grand opening ceremonies of the museum.

"Minutes of the Session of Highland Park Presbyterian Church" 2 December 1945
This document, found in the archives of the East Central School Museum, describes the gift of ½ acre of land by Albert Boldt and gives thanks for the donation. The author is unknown.

"Union Sunday School"
This letter, author and date unknown, gives a short history of the Union Sunday School and its formation, and how it eventually became Boldtville Community Presbyterian Church. It was found in the archives at Boldtville Presbyterian Church.

Thanks go to:

Mrs. Virginia Cover Barnhill, curator of the East Central Historical Group, for her vivid recollections and painstaking research of the community and its rural schools, and for the time she spent with me as I interviewed her and did research in the museum.

Mr. Ed Avery, Jr., a distant cousin, for the letter he wrote describing his memories of the general store, the school, and his parents.

Mr. Alan Moore, my patient and loving husband, for his help as official photographer and computer geek. I taught him the few basic things I learned about HTML for this project, and he was able to research, decipher, and give much more instruction on creating this web page.

Mrs. Marleene Chapko, my sister, who helped me with the research at Boldtville Presbyterian Church and provided access to the sanctuary for pictures. Marleene is an Elder at the church and its Treasurer. She has also served as Clerk of the Session.

Mrs. Lonnie Janzen, a volunteer at the school museum, who helped with research at the museum and made many copies of documents.

There were a few others at the ECISD Administration Offices who provided guidance or pointed me in the right direction: Jackie Christenson, Judy Burns and Patricia Hill.

The East Central Historical Group is accepting donations of mementos, photos, oral histories and other documents relating to the rural schools represented in the museum. Your contributions, including monetary, can be sent to the museum via the East Central Independent School District Administration Offices, 6634 New Sulphur Springs Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78263. Telephone: 210-648-7861.

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Virginia Barnhill Interview Boldtville Community, Yesterday and Today; by Virginia Barnhill Avery's General Store; a letter from Ed Avery, Jr. Bibliography & Acknowledgements