Palo Alto College
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File  1_CS 3.13_SACSCOC Letter July11Section 3.13.1
File  1_CS 3.2.6_SACSCOC Letter July11Section 3.2.6
File  1_CS 3.4.10_SACSCOC Letter July11Section 3.4.10
File  1_CS 3.4.4_SACSCOC Letter July11Section 3.4.4
File  1_CS 3.4.5_SACSCOC Letter July11Section 3.4.5
File  1_FR 4.7_SACSCOC Letter July11Section 4.7
File  10_CS 3.13_College WebsiteSection 3.13.1
File  10_CS 3.2.6_D.4.10.1-Procedure-Faculty Code of Professional EthicsSection 3.2.6
File  10_FR 4.7_FY15Section 4.7
File  11_CS 3.13_Student Transcript_RedactedSection 3.13.1
File  11_CS_3.2.6_President of the College Job DescriptionSection 3.2.6
File  11_FR 4.7_FY16Section 4.7
File  12_CS 3.13_Course Catalog-Class ScheduleSection 3.13.1
File  12_CS 3.2.6_LeadershipOrgChart_2017_2018Section 3.2.6
File  12_FR 4.7_FY14 - One FindingSection 4.7
File  13_CS 3.13_Outreach ScheduleSection 3.13.1
File  13_CS 3.2.6_B.3.2-Policy-Board Member TrainingSection 3.2.6
File  13_FR 4.7_Three Year Default RateSection 4.7
File  14_CS 3.13_Acceptance Letter PacketSection 3.13.1
File  14_CS 3.2.6_Board of Trustees Handbook 2016Section 3.2.6
File  14_FR 4.7_Collaborative Agreement for Student Financial Aid ServicesSection 4.7
File  15_CS 3.13_Starts Here_MallSignageSection 3.13.1
File  15_CS 3.2.6_Texas Education Code 61.084Section 3.2.6
File  15_FR 4.7_Financial Aid Consortium AgreementSection 4.7
File  16_CS 3.13_Factbook 2016-2017Section 3.13.1
File  16_CS 3.2.6_Approved Board Minutes-December 2015 (Page 3)Section 3.2.6
File  16_FR 4.7_1516 FSA Handbook Volume 2 Chapter 2 Consortium AgreementsSection 4.7
File  17_CS 3.13_State of the CollegeSection 3.13.1
File  17_CS 3.2.6_Onboarding Checklist - PACSection 3.2.6
File  17_FR 4.7_1617 FSA Handbook Vol1 Ch1 SAPSection 4.7
File  18_CS 3.13_Presidents MessageSection 3.13.1
File  18_CS 3.2.6_Onboarding New Faculty and Staff Bus Tour -PACSection 3.2.6
File  18_FR 4.7_Satisfactory Academic Progress PolicySection 4.7
File  19_CS 3.13_About UsSection 3.13.1
File  19_CS 3.2.6_Board of Trustees - Board Meeting DatesSection 3.2.6
File  19_FR 4.7_Letter DOEDSection 4.7
File  2_ FR 4.7_Participation AgreementSection 4.7
File  2_CS 3.13_College Job WebsiteSection 3.13.1
File  2_CS 3.2.6_B.1.1-Policy - Board Legal StatusSection 3.2.6
File  20_CS 3.13_Course Catalog AccreditationSection 3.13.1
File  20_CS 3.2.6_Board of Trustees AgendasSection 3.2.6
File  21_CS 3.13_General Information BrochureSection 3.13.1
File  21_CS 3.2.6_Board Agenda and MinutesSection 3.2.6
File  22_CS 3.13_Board of Trustees WebsiteSection 3.13.1
File  22_Staff Senate_Palo Alto CollegeSection 3.2.6
File  23_ Adjunct Faculty Offer LetterSection 3.13.1
File  23_CS 3.2.6._Staff Senate UpdatesSection 3.2.6
File  24_CS 3.2.6_Staff Senate Meeting Schedule 17.18Section 3.2.6
File  24_Staff Offer LetterSection 3.13.1
File  25_CS 3.13_Faculty ContractSection 3.13.1
File  25_CS 3.2.6_PAC Faculty Senate elections for 2017-2018Section 3.2.6
File  26_CS 3.13_IPEDS numberSection 3.13.1
File  26_CS 3.2.6_CCSSE Results, Paid Fellowship, Free WorkshopsSection 3.2.6
File  27_CS 3.13_IPEDS Data Feedback ReportSection 3.13.1
File  27_CS 3.2.6_Summary of ActionsSection 3.2.6
File  28_CS 3.13_Federal Grant ApplicationSection 3.13.1
File  28_CS 3.13_Federal Grant Application_pg2Section 3.13.1
File  28_CS 3.2.6_President of Palo Alto College _ CommunicationsSection 3.2.6
File  29_CS 3.13_Grant Award Letter_P047A170632 LetterSection 3.13.1
File  29_CS 3.2.6_President of Palo Alto College _ PresentationsSection 3.2.6
File  3_CS 3.13_College-Wide MessageSection 3.13.1
File  3_CS 3.2.6_TEC Chapter 51, Section 352Section 3.2.6
File  3_FR 4.7_Approval NoticeSection 4.7
File  30_CS 3.13_Congressional Notification - P047A170632Section 3.13.1
File  30_CS 3.2.6_E-Team-Summary-of-Actions-09052017Section 3.2.6
File  31_CS 3.13_Annual Performance Review_2015-2016 UBSection 3.13.1
File  31_CS 3.2.6_ERT-Summary-of-Actions-08292017Section 3.2.6
File  32_CS 3.13_FAFSA NumberSection 3.13.1
File  32_CS 3.2.6_CLT-Summary-of-Actions-09082017Section 3.2.6
File  33_CS 3.13_Federal Student Aid Website_Things to ConsiderSection 3.13.1
File  33_CS 3.13_Federal Student Aid Website_Things to Consider_pg2Section 3.13.1
File  33_CS 3.2.6_Palo Alto College _ Councils and CommitteesSection 3.2.6
File  34_CS 3.13_DOEd Letter Confirming Acceptable PracticesSection 3.13.1
File  34_CS 3.2.6_Approved Board Minutes October 22, 2013Section 3.2.6
File  35_CS 3.13_Clery Act ReportSection 3.13.1
File  35_CS 3.13_Clery Act ReportSection 3.13.1
File  35_CS 3.13_Clery Act Report_pg29Section 3.13.1
File  35_CS_3.2.6 Approved Board Minutes October 28, 2014Section 3.2.6
File  36_CS 3.13_PAC ASR Certification 061815 ScanSection 3.13.1
File  36_CS_3.2.6 Approved Board Minutes October 27, 2015Section 3.2.6
File  37_CS 3.13_PAC Biennial ReviewSection 3.13.1
File  37_CS 3.2.6_CommitteesSection 3.2.6
File  37_CS 3.2.6_Policy D.6.1Section 3.2.6
File  38_CS 3.2.6_Professional DevelopmentSection 3.2.6
File  39_CS 3.2.6_Classroom ObservationsSection 3.2.6
File  4_CS 3.13_AdministratorSection 3.13.1
File  4_CS 3.2.6_B.5.1-Policy-Board ResponsibilitiesSection 3.2.6
File  4_FR 4.7_Eligibility and Certification ApprovalSection 4.7
File  40_CS 3.2.6_Policy D.7.1Section 3.2.6
File  41_CS 3.2.6_Evaluation 1Section 3.2.6
File  42_CS 3.2.6_Evaluation 2Section 3.2.6
File  43_CS 3.2.6_Evaluation 3Section 3.2.6
File  44_CS 3.2.6_Policy E.1.6Section 3.2.6
File  46_CS 3.2.6_Advisory CommitteesSection 3.2.6
File  47_CS 3.2.6_Veterinary Technology Advisory CommitteeSection 3.2.6
File  48_CS 3.2.6_Cosmetology Advisory CommitteeSection 3.2.6
File  49_CS 3.2.6_Computer Information Systems Advisory CommitteeSection 3.2.6
File  5_CS 3.13_Full-time FacultySection 3.13.1
File  5_CS 3.2.6_TACC Policy ManualSection 3.2.6
File  5_FR 4.7_Texas Constitution Article 8Section 4.7
File  50_CS 3.2.6_Business Management Advisory CommitteeSection 3.2.6
File  51_CS 3.2.6_Policy B.9.1Section 3.2.6
File  52_CS 3.2.6_CrosswalkSection 3.2.6
File  53_CS 3.2.6_Social ResponsibilitySection 3.2.6
File  54_CS 3.2.6_TeamworkSection 3.2.6
File  55_CS 3.2.6_Personal ResponsibilitySection 3.2.6
File  56_CS 3.2.6_CommunicationSection 3.2.6
File  57_CS 3.2.6_New Faculty OrientationSection 3.2.6
File  6_CS 3.13_Full-time StaffSection 3.13.1
File  6_CS 3.2.6 B.5.2-Policy-Board Member AuthoritySection 3.2.6
File  6_FR 4.7_Public Election 1945Section 4.7
File  60_CS 3.2.6_Policy D.4.10Section 3.2.6
File  7_CS 3.13_Board Policy D.2.5Section 3.13.1
File  7_CS 3.2.6_B.3.3-Policy-Board of Trustees EthicsSection 3.2.6
File  7_FR 4.7_Gov Code 130Section 4.7
File  7B_CS 3.2.6_B.5.3-Policy-Board Policies-Policy DevelopmentSection 3.2.6
File  8_CS 3.13 Policy A.1.1Section 3.13.1
File  8_CS 3.2.6_B.2.1-Policy - Organizational PlanSection 3.2.6
File  8_FR 4.7 Board Meeting Minutes February 21 1983Section 4.7
File  8B_CS 3.2.6_B.2.1-Policy - Organizational Plan-PresidentSection 3.2.6
File  9_CS 3.13_Brand StandardsSection 3.13.1
File  9_CS_3.2.6 Chancellor-Job DescriptionSection 3.2.6
File  9_FR 4.7_FY14Section 4.7
File  CS 3.4.10_ DataSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_2015-2016 General Education Assessment ReportSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_AACU Institute on General Education 2017 with follow-up Action PlanSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Academic Assessment CommitteeSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Academic Program ReviewSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_ACGMSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Alamo Colleges Curriculum CouncilSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Associate of Arts in SpeechSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Associate of Science in Pre-NursingSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_BIOL 1406 High Risk PlanSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_BIOL 2401 High Risk PlanSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_CHEM 1411 High Risk PlanSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_ChemistrySection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Core ElementsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Curriculum CommitteeSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Curriculum Committee MinutesSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Developmental MathematicsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Dr. Chris DukeSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_EnglishSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Faculty AccessorsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Five YearsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_General Education ScheduleSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_GIPWESection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_High Risk CoursesSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_INRW 0420 High Risk PlanSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Key Assignment Design WorkshopSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Key AssignmentsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Keynote Address and WorkshopSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Level One Certificate in Warehouse ManagementSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_PAC Curriculum Flow ChartSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Palo Alto College Strategic GoalsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Palo Alto Procedure I-10Section 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Presentation to FacultySection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_ProcedureSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Program Review HighlightsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Rubric CallibrationSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_RubricsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_SPEECH 1311 High Risk PlanSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Student ArtifactsSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Student Learning Outcomes for each Degree and CertificateSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Syllabus-ACCT 2301Section 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Syllabus-BIOL 1309Section 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Syllabus-ENGL 1301Section 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Syllabus-MATH 2413Section 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Syllabus-SPCH 1311Section 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_Texas Core CurriculumSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.10_WECMSection 3.4.10
File  CS 3.4.4_1_Palo Alto College Catalog_Transfer Credit Policy_Extract_PAGE 10Section 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_1_Palo Alto College Catalog_Transfer Credit Policy_PAGE 10Section 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_10_National Association of Credential Evaluation ServicesSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_11_S 20.0 International StudentsSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_12_Transcript Example_Foreign Transfer Credit_RedactedSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_13_American Council on Education GuideSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_14_ Transcript Example_ACE Military_RedactedSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_15_Transfer of Academic CreditSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_16_Designated Accrediting Bodies_THECBSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_17_PAC and CSI Memorandum of UnderstandingSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_18_Transfer Credit Faculty Evaluation Example 1_Electronic_RedactedSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_19_Transfer Credit Faculty Evaluation_Example 2_Electronic_RedactedSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_20_Transfer Credit Faculty Evaluation_Example 3_RedactedSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_21_Transfer Credit Faculty Evaluation_Example 4_RedactedSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_22_Transcripts Standards AgreementSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_23_Position StatementSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_24_Palo Alto College Catalog_Credit by Exam_Extract_PAGE 11Section 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_24_Palo Alto College Catalog_Credit by Exam_PAGE 11Section 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_25_PAC College Catalog_CLEP_AP_IB ChartsSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_26_PAC Website_CLEPSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_27_Transcript Example_CLEP_RedactedSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_28_Position StatementSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_29_Palo Alto College Catalog_Credit by Non Trad Means_Extract_PAGE 11Section 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_29_Palo Alto College Catalog_Credit by Non Trad Means_PAGE 11Section 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_2A_Position StatementSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_2B_Title 19 Part 1 Chapter 4 Subchapter B Rule 4.25Section 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_3_Academic Course Guide ManualSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_4_Texas Workforce Education Course ManualSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_5_Rule 9.93 GIPWESection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_6_Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board_Transfer PoliciesSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_7_THECB Rules Chapter 4 Subchapter B_Transfer DisputeSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_8_Palo Alto College Catalog_Transfer Dispute_PAGE 11Section 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.4_9_Texas Common Course Numbering SystemSection 3.4.4
File  CS 3.4.5_1_Memorandum of UnderstandingSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_10_Transcript RevisionsSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_11_College Executive TeamSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_12_Palo Alto College Catalog_GPASection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_13_Student Handbook_GPASection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_14_Palo Alto College Catalog_Academic StandingSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_15_Student Handbook_Academic StandingSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_16_S 13.0 Academic Standing Probation and DismissalSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_17_Palo Alto College Catalog_HonorsSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_18_Student Handbook_HonorsSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_19_S 11.0 Academic Honors Standing By TermSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_2_Transcript Posting and Processing Service Level AgreementSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_20_PAC Graduation WebsiteSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_21_S 10.0 Graduation Application and Awarding ProcessSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_22_Transcript_RedactedSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_23_Palo Alto College Catalog_GraduationSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_24_PAC Graduation WebsiteSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_25_S 10.0 Graduation Application and Awarding ProcessSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_26_LetterSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_27_Financial Aid Quick GuideSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_3_Transcripts Standards AgreementSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_4_Transcript Set 1_RedactedSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_5_Transcript Set 2_RedactedSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_6_Transcript Set 3_RedactedSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_7_Transcript Set 4_RedactedSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_8_Transcript Set 5_RedactedSection 3.4.5
File  CS 3.4.5_9_Transcript Set 6_RedactedSection 3.4.5
Palo Alto College, October 6th 2017